An aside about communication

I value open communication. I’d rather err on the side of too much communication as opposed to not enough. If you ever have questions or concerns, I encourage you to get in touch. I understand the writing process and the crazy things we do to perfect our craft. Email me anytime, call me when you need to, and feel free to bounce ideas off me. I’m here to help, and when you hire me I do my best to make sure your standards are exceeded. You want your writing to be the best it can be. I want the same thing for you, and to realize that goal I believe we need to communicate effectively. In a nutshell, contact me for any reason! There’s no such thing as an annoying or nagging request.

Express proofreading

Here are the basics for the express proofreading service: $15 per article up to 1,000 words. I’ll have the edits back to you by the next business day, though I strive to get them back much earlier. If I fail to deliver in time, you get your money back or you get credit toward a future proofread.

When you contact me about an express proofread, I get the email notification quickly. I’ll respond to get the necessary details about the work, send you a quick contract, and take payment. After we’ve sorted out the business details, my time starts. And if you’re a returning customer, you won’t have to fill out a contract again – you’ll just pay for the edit and I’ll get started right away.

Since this particular service is for proofreading, I will only correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and basic sentence structure. I won’t look for overall readability and I won’t suggest ways to improve the article overall. That is a copyediting service. If that’s what you want, then check out my partnership section.

If you know you’ll be submitting work regularly, consider purchasing an express package! I offer ten-packs and twenty-packs of express edits. The ten-packs cost $135 and the twenty-packs cost $250. These packages expire after 60 days. These packages are targeted to clients that crank out several articles in a month, and I provide a discount for your regular business. Like the one-off express edits, the package price is required before work begins.

The main difference with the packages (apart from the bulk discount) is the turn-around time. When you buy one express edit, I get it back to you by the next business day. The same principle works for the packages in a per-article sense.

Let’s say you buy a ten-pack express edit and send me 10 articles or 10,000 words to review. Ideally, the packages are meant to be spread out over a month or two, but if you want them all reviewed at once, I can do that too. I can guarantee that I’ll get one article or 1,000 word section back to you by the next business day, and so on for the remaining articles. I can’t guarantee to return all 10 articles the next day. If I have a light load that day, I might be able to swing it, but other days I won’t. That’s the kind of thing that I’ll communicate to you up front.

Partnership (copyediting)

While the express proofreading edits focus on the grammatical accuracy of your content, a partnership focuses on the clarity and readability of your message. In this role, I focus on being an editor for your work. Sure, I make sure the spelling and grammar are top-notch, but I also work with you to improve your work to a level where you’re extremely proud of it.

I refer to this service as a partnership because that’s how I view the process of copyediting. In contrast to the one-off, rapid-fire nature of proof reading, copyediting focuses more on massaging and improving a piece over several revisions. When you partner with me, you’re not just buying a simple service. You’re partnering up with someone who cares about your work and wants to guide you to making it even better.

I tend to shy away from copyediting only once or twice for someone. Copyediting is more of a relationship between me, you, and your work. I get to know you and your voice as we work together. I also get to know your target audience. These are vital aspects of successful editing. Sure, I’ll agree to short term editing jobs, but I encourage the relationship because I believe that’s how the best results are achieved.

Another perk of partnering with me is reliability and much easier access to me. I understand the creative process. Most people don’t pound out a perfect first draft, but that’s an important step to getting the raw ideas out of your head and on paper (or screen). It’s at this point that I love to jump in and help you improve it.

Based on what kind of partnership we agree on, the payment options can be flexible. If you create a somewhat predictable amount of content, we can arrange a monthly payment plan. If we agree to a more finite agreement, I require half of the agreed amount up front and the other half before I deliver the final product.

Long form edits

Longer works require more time for me to review. I offer two types of services for longer works: proofreading and copyediting. Also, a “longer work” is anything over 20,000 words. I have experience working with longer pieces of both fiction and non-fiction. I also have a fairly technical background, which can come in handy for technical whitepapers or dissertations.

Basic proofreading (spelling, grammar, and punctuation) starts at $250 for 20,000 words. That rate is equivalent to 1.25 cents per word, and that is the standard rate for anything above 20,000 words as well. If you need a longer work proofread, I’ll give you a time estimate once I’ve had a quick look at the piece. If you’d like me to review another draft of the same piece, I charge the same rate. If you only want me to focus on a certain portion of the work, such as a 20,000 word section of a 60,000 word piece, then I’ll only charge for the section that I review. I can be fairly flexible, you just need to ask!

Copyediting is a bit more intensive, and therefore costs a bit more. The price for copyediting services starts at $550 per 20,000 words. This rate is 2.75 cents per word, which applies to anything above 20,000 words. This process will be very similar to the Partnership service I offer, so be sure to read over that. Basically, we’ll work on the piece to ensure overall readability and clarity. Whatever the piece is, we’ll refine it and revise it until it is the best it can be.

Please note that the copyediting service does not include basic proofreading, but you can request the proofreading service as an add-on for half the original proofreading rate. Proofreading and copyediting are two distinct skillsets and require different types of attention. I like to focus on one at a time, which means it requires two passes of the work in order to perform both services. I also strongly recommend that proofreading be the very last step in finishing a piece. During the copyediting process, you may rewrite or remove portions of the writing. Therefore it’s more economical to delay the proofreading service until after the work is “complete.”

So, if you send me a 20,000 word piece and request both copyediting and proofreading, the price will be $675.

Written word

Copywriting, technical writing, and ghost writing all fall under this category. By day, I work as a technical writer for a software company. Through that job I’ve learned how to organize and structure information, as well as how to write about technical topics accurately and succinctly. I love the challenge of writing something from scratch that serves a specific service. I’m open to all inquiries in this area.

If you contact me about a writing job, I’ll get back to you with a quote for the work. If you decide to go forward, I require half of the total price before work begins and the remainder before I deliver the final product.

Payment options

I accept PayPal and Square for payment. I use software to keep track of my billing and invoices, so I’ll send you an official quote or invoice for any projects.

In general, I require half of the payment before work begins for any project that totals over $200. The other half is collected before the final product is delivered.

Style guide options

Do you write according to a particular style? No problem. Just name the style you want me to refer to when I’m editing your work. I have most of the major guides, but I don’t mind picking up a new one for your work. Also, if you have your own style guide, you can send me that too.

Document editing options

There are several ways to make changes and comments in documents. I have Microsoft Word and Apple Pages, and both of these programs have robust change-tracking features. With these tools, you can see the changes I make and choose to ignore or accept them.

You can also send me plain-text or Markdown documents. I love working in plain-text — especially for shorter pieces such as 1,000 word length articles. There are more options for marking up a plain-text document. I usually just correct any spelling or grammar issues without making a note, but you can request that I clearly mark *any* changes. If I want to add a comment, I typically put the comment between double brackets, [[like this.]] That way you can easily search for the brackets to quickly find my comments and progress through them. If you use Markdown, I also look over your syntax to make sure it’s correct. For example, I check any hyperlinks or image links you put in the text to make sure they work and follow Markdown rules.

Do you prefer another way? I can learn. Just let me know and I’ll do everything I can to accommodate your personal preference.